Bollywood and Books

These last couple weeks have been pretty exciting!

Not only did I make my very own dress for the first time, but I've gotten to enjoy the pleasures of school-less-ness.

My friend April and I started Bollywood Night, where once a week we watch an awesome Bollywood movie with girlfriends and wish we could wear bright colored saris and dance like them. My personal favorite is Om Shanti Om, and Shahrukh Kahn (the guy in that clip) is our favorite actor. If you've never seen a Bollywood movie, you must understand that they are purposely ridiculous, and they often make fun of themselves... and they're just great!

April also has a very full bookshelf and has let me use it as a library- I love reading for fun! I just finished Anne of Green Gables, one of those classics I'd never had any interest in. Turns out I really liked it and want to read more of the series!

I have all sorts of other fun things I'm planning to do- projects to work on to keep myself busy. And it's finally starting to warm up out here, so I'm envisioning many afternoons reading in the sunshine.

We leave for Costa Rica this weekend, and I'm sooo excited! Hot sandy beaches here I come!


Emily Hope said...

I have a renewed need to move back and be your neighbor again. I am good at making naan and that is my offering to be in the Bollywood club.

Cait said...

Sweetness. Have fun in Rich Coast!

Francesca said...

Lucky you with a fun, relaxing summer all lined up!

Rebecca said...

Next Bollywood's at my house?! How long will you be at Costa RRRRRica!