I Think It's a New Record.

My thesis draft is done! I finished it about an hour ago- had to take a short break from typing. I have now written 18 pages about Mary, Eve, Death, Martin Luther, and all sorts of other fun characters. I have to admit, I'm pretty freakin' impressed with myself; I've NEVER finished a paper before the very last minute. I usually pull an all-nighter to finish. I was expecting it to take me well into the evening tonight, and now I have some free time! Been a while since I've had any of that! Nor have I ever written a paper longer than 10 pages! I was a little worried that I'd never be able to hit the 15-page minimum, but right now I'm sittin' on 18. I know, I can hardly believe it.

How to write an Art History Thesis:

1. Find a piece of artwork or artist or genre that you're interested in.
2. Figure out a basic topic about chosen item.
3. Get 10 books from the library.
4. Read (or skim) said books, marking good info with stickies.
5. Panic because you're not sure your topic works.
6. Keep reading and marking pages.
7. Brainstorm on paper. Make sure its very messy.
8. Talk to professor who specifies in your area.
9. Get 10 more books from the library.
10. Read more.
11. Talk to your professor again, figure out a more specific topic.
12. Make a basic outline.
13. Fill in outline with your own ideas.
14. Beef up outline with marked quotes/info in books.
15. Read more.
16. Add to outline.
17. Check out 10 more books.
18. Keep outlining.
19. Talk to your professor again for a healthy dose of "you can do it!"
20. Start changing your outline to a paper.
21. Write and write and write.
22. For hours.
23. Dream about your topic cause you're writing so much. (true story)
24. Keep writing.
25. And writing.
26. Finish unexpectedly early!

And that's how it was done. Can you tell I'm relieved?

I've been wanting to blog about a couple other things, but for now I'm going to go relax some more and let my fingers rest.


Cait said...

YAY! I'm glad it's done! go watch a movie or something!

Alison said...

yay! congratulations! I bet that feels awesome :D

Rebecca said...

YEAH! Celebration time?

Jen Bowen said...

Congrats! I've finished anything like that with time to spare. Nice work.

Francesca said...

Woohoo! Party time!

Symantha said...

WOW. I am seriously impressed. Way to go, Bethany!

The Clingo Family said...

YAY! Good job!! Go make some cookies to celebrate! ;)

Yara said...

Yay! Time to celebrate!