PDA - Cut it out!

So I'm peacefully sitting at a little desk on campus reading for my classes and taking notes when some annoying little smoochy couple decides that the space right in front of me between said desk and window would be a great place to cuddle up and start a makeout session.

GET A FREAKIN' ROOM! Not only have you now blocked my nice view out the window, but can't you see I'm trying to study!? Your impatience to get a little "somethin somethin" and lack of finding someplace private has ousted me from my peaceful little study desk and now I'm not doing anything productive. I saw a ring on her finger, can't you wait for the wedding night? Seriously, nobody wants to see that. I guarantee nobody else will be occupying that nice little desk while it has a front-row view of THAT performance.

Ugh. Gag me with a spoon.

In other news, I did not get first place in the essay contest, and bitterly lost to an English major (pfft, what's that about?) but I get to pick out a nifty print to hang on my wall, and she doesn't. Ha! I'm kinda glad I didn't get first, because we need some art in our house and I never use my two iPods that I already have anyway.

School is getting busier. The semester is halfway over which happened in the blink of an eye, and thinking about how fast its gone really makes me excited for next semester to just start already, cause I want to finish! Thinking about how many projects and papers I have between now and December 10th is a little intimidating, but I think most of them are spaced enough that I'll be able to handle it. I hope.

Work is work; Myrl is old, Heidi is still deaf, Andy got fired, Jon quit. That's about it in a nutshell.


Symantha said...

UGH gag ME with a spoon too!
You should have thrown something at them.
And if I haven't already told you I think you're superwoman for handling your busy life, then I just did.

Matt and Shauna Maylin said...

Ha Ha Ha :) Your PDA stuff is hilarious!!! Cute blog! I didn't know you had one until I just saw it on facebook! We have one too that I just started using again this summer. It's mattandshauna.blogspot.com. It sounds like everything is good! I'm glad to hear that! Talk to you soon. Have a good one, and tell Nate Hi for me :)

Chase & Cait said...

haha When Chase and i kissed in our car once, Laura Rowley came, got in, and sat in the back and started talking to us. Granted, we thought we were in a private setting, I think that you should have gone and started chatting with them. It totally ruins things. :)