Molly Case

Last Sunday night, a girl named Molly Case was killed in a tragic gun accident in Springville, Utah.

Molly worked in the bakery at my grocery store.

When you watch the news and hear of these things it doesn't really feel important or like it matters, because its never anything that involves you. This one hit a little too close to home.

When I first heard, I held everything in, left school early, and just took a two hour nap to avoid thinking at all. I thought I was better when I woke up. I tried not to think about it.

But then I talked to one of my friends who also works in the bakery and knew Molly a lot better than I did, and I couldn't avoid it anymore.

We were sad together, and we remembered Molly and how sweet and kind she always was to everyone. We talked about her husband Rich, and how sad we were for him, and how the bakery was going to be quite gloomy for a while. After talking to her, I couldn't hold back anymore.

Nate was at work, so I called my mom and broke down crying.

I cried for Molly's family and friends, but mostly for her poor young husband. I also cried because of the realization of the reality of death.

The suddenness of the accident is a reminder that anything can happen, and we don't know what lies in our future. I know people always say these things when there has been a death, but its because they are true. I don't know if one day Nate will get hurt and not come home to me. I don't know how much time I'll get to have with him in this life. I don't know when I will die. Anything can happen, so I want to make sure to do my best to cherish every minute I have with my loved ones, so I wont feel regret when/if something ever does happen.

I hope I can live the way Molly and Rich did, always happy and loving every minute they had together. I don't really know her husband, but whenever I saw them you could see that they adored each other, and they never took each other for granted.

Molly is in a better place, and I believe she was taken because Heavenly Father has something else for her to do right now on the other side, and I know that she will be there waiting for Rich when its his time too. Families can be together after death, and this is something I know and cherish with all my heart.


Francesca said...

I totally understand. A similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago. It's kinda surreal, isn't it? I'll keep everyone in my prayers!

Chase & Cait said...

i think the reason why we are supposed to have families is to help us remember how precious life is. Being a mom has changed me. Almost every night when I pray I thank Heavenly Father for the time I got to spend with Traci that day and I plead with Him to watch over her through the night. Whenever I get in a car, I pray to be safe. I realize how fragile life is and know that things could change in an instant.

But I try to remember to always say thy will be done because I know that God might need Traci to do some work up there someday. I'm always sad to have to say thy will be done, but am comforted in the fact that if Traci were taken I would not regret any of it. If she whad been taken the day she was born it still would have been worth it, just to be with her for a moment. So even though Rich is probably heart broken, he knows it was worth it just to have her for awhile.