Guess what?!

Nate and I were 99% sure we weren't going to get Grant money for the coming year, so we decided that even though I only have 2 semesters worth of classes left, I would go part-time, and we would both finish in 2 years. We figured it would be ok since I have a more time-consuming job and am the breadwinner for us... Plus I just got a TA job on campus, so having less classes would be an easier load.

But then!!

This morning we found out that we DO get Pell Grants, and thanks to Nate's major, he gets a SMART Grant on top of that. With that and a little help from the Grandma Fund, our tuition is covered! So I'll cut back my work hours a little since now I get to take full time classes, and THAT means you family members better start planning your trip to Provo in April, cause I'm Graduating!!!

I'm so happy.


Quinn and Ashley said...

YAAEEESSSS!!!! You can't see it put I am jumping up and down for you!!! I love free college! That's how we made it through!

MeganandClaudy said...

Sooo lucky! We didn't get any grants again. There must be something we're supposed to learn...enjoy it for me!

Rebecca said...

Whoot Whoot! The smile picture fits perfectly!

The Clingo Family said...

Boy, that makes me jealous, I can't believe you are graduating so soon! But I am Very happy for You!! :) And what a relief about the grants!

I have been meaning to do a post about it, James and I are actually working on a post about it right now. So stay tuned! Your comments make me happy hehe :)