I Really Should do Something Productive

But I'm clearly in the mood to update this thing.

Well, Spring is finally here, which means lots and lots of sunshine and no more snow! [hooray!] It makes me about 1,000,000 times happier. It stays light outside till almost 9pm, which is also awesome because then I lose track of time at work, and think it's only 6 when we're actually close to closing! I love it.

Speaking of work, it's good, I still like my coworkers, and we still have crazy customers. I don't have any stories at the moment, but I will keep you posted!

School is good, except for the shortness of the term. I only have about 4 weeks left, which means the due date for my 10-page paper is coming up rather quickly. And I have yet to write a thesis statement! That's ok though, cause I have about 15 books from the library, so I have lots to work with (I hope).

Things for Nate are going well too. He's working at BYU in the evenings cleaning carpets, and in the daytime he gets to be the Service Manager for his friend's bike shop, which he really enjoys. He actually kinda likes the cleaning job too, cause it's super laid back and easy, and brings in a little extra cash.

When we can find free time, we of course go biking! Nate somehow got me out three days in a row last week, including the day I had gotten up for work at 5am. I am getting in better shape and rode all the way up the hill from Wymount to Rock Canyon Park, and then up the trails too. :) I am very pleased with this. We also rode a trail that's up past Vivian Park, and his buddies all think I'm cool for going with them. :D Hopefully there will be more days that we both have time off to go ride and do other fun things this summer. We're hoping to do some camping and some hiking in southern Utah sometime. Anybody want to come??

In other news, there are going to be some big changes for our families pretty soon.

First, Nate's family is moving to Costa Rica in July/August. His dad is the new Director of the Peace Corps for Costa Rica, so they'll be there for at least 3 and up to 5 years. We are definitely going to visit. [To do this week: Get Beth a passport!] Then came the problem of finding someone to rent their house. A young ward family? Me and Nate in 2 years when Nate (hopefully) goes to school out there? hmm.

Meanwhile, back on the West Coast, my dad who was recently laid off has been searching for any new job that would keep them in San Diego. However, all of California is in a state of bankruptcy, so my highly-qualified dad hasn't been able to find anything. My mom has been keeping the two of them afloat with her awesome eBay selling skills. (Seriously, it's really cool.)

Meanwhile, my pregnant sister was planning to move to Tennessee with her hubby just weeks before she pops, so he could go to med school out there, because he still hadn't heard anything from his first-choice military med school, where he was wait-listed. My dad started looking for jobs in Nashville, cause if they have to move, they want to be close to grandbabies. Perfectly reasonable. Maybe they could stay in the Dorsey's house, even though it would still be a full day's drive to Nashville? nah...

Then ONE day!

Everything magically fell into place.

Chase gets a phonecall telling him he has been accepted into the program at Bethesda! The school he was hoping for, the school that happens to be in Maryland, which happens to be right next to Virginia, which happens to be where the Dorsey's house is, which happens to be close to DC, where hopefully my dad can find some work.

My parents are (most likely) leaving San Diego.

They're going aaaallllll the way to the east coast, to house-sit for a few years while the Dorsey's work (aka vacation) in Costa Rica, and they'll get to be even closer to the new baby. Then Nate and I will hopefully go out east too, and we'll have my parents and sister, and eventually the Dorsey's again, close by.

Huge changes, but I think they're all going to be for the better, though I am a little sad about not "going home" to Escondido anymore. Cousins will all have to come out and visit!

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Chase & Cait said...

I know! No going home to the beach, right? Bummer! But I am glad to have family near. Can't wait for you guys to get out there too as soon as you finish with things at BYU.