The Car

Yes, as you've seen, we got a new car! It's a 2005 black Honda Element EX, and its pretty much the coolest car ever. Isn't it beautiful!? Sara named it Bagheera. Fitting, huh?

Now, why is this the perfect car for us? Not only is it SUPER roomy and comfortable, but look what it can do!

Yes, those are the back seats, folded up against the windows. Do you know how many mountain bikes can fit back there?? And they can even stay standing up! But wait, there's more.
You can fold all the seats completely flat and you basically have a full-size bed. Pretty much the perfect car for camping.
Look how much room there is when you open the doors! Perhaps the best part of our new car is that its automatic so that means I can drive it! No more fussing over trying to be good at manual, yuck! This car is going to last us for a long time, or at least that's the plan!

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MeganandClaudy said...

Your car is freakin sweet! Congrats!!!!!