Clever title, huh?

The most noteworthy thing at the moment is that Nate and I have found another apartment and can move out of here at the end of the month! For those of you who don't know, our new owners raised all the prices here and added parking, cable, internet, and gas bills. That might be normal for other places, but when you haven't been paying that and have to all the sudden, it adds up fast.

Not to mention our first gas bill (divided equally among all the apartments) was 60 dollars. In the Summer.

That was our breaking point, and we started looking for anything that could possibly be available. Our biggest hope came from Wymount, the BYU married housing complex. A two bedroom there costs less than it does for our one-bedroom, and its right next to campus. Sure, there are cinder block walls and no dishwasher, but I think I'll live.

Unfortunately I tried repeatedly to get an apartment there to no avail. Nothing that came up would be open till November or December anyway, and they were all 2 or 3 bedrooms, while we wanted a 1 bedroom w/study. We still tried to get one anyway though, thinking anything would be better than living here. But still, no luck.

Then just on Saturday, I randomly went to the Wymount webpage, not expecting anything to have been posted on a weekend. But to my complete surprise, there was a 1 bedroom w/study available to apply for right at that moment, and I snatched it up quick! It's exactly what we want, and the best part is that it's available to move into on October 3rd. So I'm glad that I didn't get into all the other apartments we tried for- this was worth the wait. Now we just have to pray that someone will want to buy our contract here! I *hope hope hope* we can sell it! Heavenly Father answered our prayers before, so I'm pretty sure it will work out somehow.

In other news, school and work are going well. I really like my two classes (Greek Art & Architecture and Italian), and Nate seems to like all his classes too, even though the reading takes up a lot of his free time.

It's already starting to get a bit colder. I hope fall lasts as long as possible and that there isn't any white stuff until at least after Thanksgiving... Not very likely, but a girl can dream. Summer is always too short.


MeganandClaudy said...

I totally hear you on the stress of finding an apt and trying to sell the horrible contract. But it works out. It always does. Good luck! Congrats on finding something else! Let me know if you need to borrow our truck or need help moving :)

Chase & Cait said...

good luck selling your contracct. ADVERTISE on the wilk board, in bathroom stalls on campus, everywhere! it helps.
It also sounds like you should move somewhere warm