Six Random Facts

Cait tagged me, so now I get to share 6 random facts about myself and/or Nate.

1. I usually sleep under the covers, but Nate pretty much always sleeps on top of them (except in Winter).
2. I always have to have something sweet around the house. Whether its cookies or candy, I can't stand not having munchies!
3. I can't sit normally in a chair. One leg always has to be folded up under me, or I sit cross-legged (even at school, with those annoying little desks).
4. I think I feel more relaxed when there's a little bit of clutter around the house, but Nate can't stand it and often has to tidy up before he can study.
5. Nate & I are major pack-rats. We have an entire storage unit practically full of stuff we'll never use again, but don't want to throw away.
6. We have the COOLEST Halloween costume idea EVER. And you'll have to wait and see what it is.

1 comment:

Chase & Cait said...

awww. tell me your costume idea! i am in suspense. i need good ideas since I'm a teacher now!

AND Chase sleeps on top pf the covers too sometimes and I hate it because then i am pinned underneath a bunch of icky covers.

That is all.