Carpets & Little Blessings

I'm currently sitting in the apartment, bored, waiting for the carpet cleaners to come. The owners of our complex told us that our carpets were scheduled to be cleaned sometime today and that we had to get as much as possible off our floors. Unfortunately, they neglected to give us a time frame, so I have no idea when the surprise visit will happen. So until they come, our bathroom and little kitchen are crammed full of the items that previously sat on the floor of our bedroom or living room, and its pretty annoying. It's my day off this week, and I cant even get to the dishwasher or sink without having to fight with a lamp or the sideways coffee table. Oh well. They better get here soon, so I can try to put everything back and once again have a functioning home.


A few weeks ago I experienced a little blessing in the form of a four-year old boy at the grocery store. Most days I truly enjoy my job, but of course sometimes I can get irritated at customers or impatient to go home. This happened to be one of those days when time went too slowly and I wanted to be done. For a few minutes there weren't any customers checking out, and my fellow checker Charlotte and I were just chatting to pass the time. All of the sudden, we saw a little boy go toodling by with a large pack of fireworks over his shoulder.

Now, you have to be sixteen years old to buy fireworks, and we expected to see a mother following behind with a shopping cart. But after a minute or two, no mother appeared. Struck with curiosity, Charlotte and I decided just to watch and see what this boy would do. 

We have two or three shopping carts that have an extra seat attached to the back, where bigger kids can sit while their parents shop. I hate these carts. They are almost twice as long as a normal cart, and they are impossible to steer without difficulty. However, whenever this little boy comes into the store, the mother kindly takes the giant cart and lets him ride in the big kid seat. So, even without a parent, that's the cart he chose.

I watched as this little boy, barely tall enough to reach the handle determinedly removed the brake, threw his fireworks in the cart, and began to maneuver it through the store, amazingly without knocking anything over. He made his way down the store, and finally when he started to get himself some frozen dinners, Charlotte went to ask where his parents were. He explained that his big sister was in the store and he was helping her shop. By now some customers were ready to purchase their food, so our supervisor Dexter took over with the kid. They left the giant cart off to the side and proceeded to look for the big sister. They even called her name over the intercom when they couldn't find her. Meanwhile, the little boy was completely fearless and not worried about anything. He just wanted to buy his stuff!

Dexter: "Did you know you have to be at least 16 to buy fireworks?"
Boy: "I'm old enough!"
Dexter: "Oh, really? And how old is that?"
Boy: "Four."
(Apparently he only needed his sister for the money)

Upon discovering that there was indeed no sister in the store, Dexter decided he would walk the boy home. When they got outside, the boy surprised him by hopping onto a tricycle and heading off! He had actually "driven" himself to the store. On the way, Dexter continued to chat with him.

Dexter: "Did you know it's called a TRIcycle because it has three wheels?"
Boy: "Nuh-uh, it has four!"
Dexter: "...really?"
Boy, counts the wheels: "One, two, three. HEY!"

Upon arriving at his house, Dexter learned that nobody had even known the boy was missing. He was supposed to be playing at a friend's house, but he had seen his sister and her friend head out to the store and decided to follow them. They had no idea he was ever there, and they left the store without him. Apparently he was unfazed, because when he walked into the house all he said was that "I need money!" 

He really wanted those fireworks.

This was probably a frightening experience to his mother when she learned that her little boy had been all by himself in a public place. But for those of us who were working, impatient to go home, it lifted spirits and brought laughter to a previously boring day. It also made for a great story. Now whenever that little boy comes in the store (with his family), I can't help but smile and admire his fearlessness and determination.


MeganandClaudy said...

that's hilarious! gotta love little kids! and hopefully the carpet guy gets there..we sure don't miss heritage court management :) thanks for the links for the blog, and let me know if you like the rice krispies

Bakes. said...

that little boy is precious!!! how cute!

Chase & Cait said...

The sad thing is I could totally see Chase doing that as a child. Typical of a little boy to want fireworks.