When your sister calls...

....to tell you to update your blog, you know its serious. So, as Caitlin should be happy to see, here is a much needed update.

Life is basically the same as always; we both work just about every day, myself at the grocery store, and Nate at the car place. I have finally gotten word that a supervising position will be opening up sometime in July/August, and the current supervisors have encouraged me to apply for it. I guess if they think I'll be good at it, then I may as well go for it. It is more money! Until then I'll happily continue ringing up everyone's food; from the nice, friendly people to the grumpy "I'm on my cell phone so I'll glare at you when you tell me my total" people, with the occasional crazies.

Nate raced in a downhill mountain biking race a few weeks ago, and he got fourth place! Pretty cool, huh? He raced as a sponsored rider for his friend's bike shop, Urban Downfall Cycles. There were a few other guys riding for them too, and they all placed, so Urban Downfall definitely got some publicity. The shop is actually doing really well now that its summer. (There are pictures of Nate all over their website- he's pretty much their poster boy).

So, our apartment complex has new owners, and they have decided to raise the rent and start charging tenants for more things than we previously had to pay for (gas, cable & internet). Nate and I puzzled over whether or not we should move for quite a long time, but in the end we decided just to stay. Everything else is about the same price anyway, and usually other places are a bit smaller. We are pretty bored of our apartment though, so we decided we would just redecorate the whole thing. We started with buying a brand new couch! It hasn't arrived yet, and wont for about another week, but it looks like this. Our cushions are a little darker though.

Pretty nice, huh? We're so excited to get it; myself especially, since we already sold our old couches and are currently living in our camping chairs. :) We're going to sell our entertainment center and get a smaller tv stand too. I'll post pics once we have everything!

Another way to make our apartment more homey was to add some pretty flowers! Since my mom is Queen of Anything You Can Plant, I called her for advice and ended up with a lovely little summer bouquet. Red petunias, white mini-snapdragons, and blue lobelia for a patriotic look. The snapdragons are the tall green things in the middle- the flowers have yet to bloom, but they will!

Well, thats about all for now! I'll try to be better at updating in the future. :)


Quinn and Ashley said...

YEAH!!! An update!!! I am glad that everything is great for you guys. I think it is funny that we have about the same couch now :) Have a great day and a great time at work!

MeganandClaudy said...

We sold it quite fast and then had to be out like the next week, so I'm sorry we never came and said bye...but yea...we're living basically right where 500 W turns into State street...so now we're technically orem-ites. I miss the ward though...I know I keep saying this, but we will have you guys over for dinner some time once the new place gets organized... (that could be awhile!)

Chase & Cait said...

Yay! I am glad you are listening to my sisterly advice and updating your blog. I love your very patriotic flowers and am jealous of your new couch. It is hot. bye.